Canvas Studio at JMU

What is Canvas Studio?

Canvas Studio is a communication tool that allows instructors and students to actively collaborate through video and audio media. Canvas Studio directly connects into Canvas and provides many features, like student viewing analytics and interactive quizzing. Studio can also be configured to receive copies of the Zoom recordings you save to the cloud. Canvas Studio is a secure space for hosting and distributing recordings in compliance with campus policies and student privacy; please see Academic Affairs Policy #15 (Class Session Recordings and Distribution) and JMU Policy 2112 (Student Privacy).

Who can use Canvas Studio?

Everybody with a Canvas account will have access to Studio. Instructor/Teacher accounts will will be able to create video-based instruction and interactivity such as engaging student comments, discussions within the video, quizzes.

How do I get started with Canvas Studio?

How do I connect Zoom to automatically import class recordings to Canvas Studio?

Where can I find support for Canvas Studio?