JMU Faculty: Incorporate Digital Assignments in Your Courses

Posted on: December 5, 2023

Sample images from the Mapping Black Digital & Public Humanities Project at JMU

Digital assignments like creating websites, podcasts, oral histories, timelines, maps, data visualizations, and other digital projects can promote engaged learning and build a sense of belonging in the classroom.

We are here to support these projects. Our digital projects team has supported hundreds of exciting collaborations with JMU faculty, including:

  • Histories Along the Blue Ridge, a digital archive of deteriorating courthouse documents—a partnership with Kevin Borg (Department of History) and Chaz Haywood (Rockingham County Clerk of Court)
  • The Mapping the Black Digital and Public Humanities project, a map and catalog of over 440 Black digital and public humanities projects across the U.S.—a partnership with Mollie Godfrey (Department of English) and Seán McCarthy (Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication)
  • Racial Terror: Lynching in Virginia, a website that tells the stories of all the known lynching victims in Virginia between 1866 and 1932—a partnership with Gianluca De Fazio (Department of Justice Studies)

Get started: If you would like help with creating a digital assignment or project for your class, fill out our consultation form and select “Digital Projects,” and you’ll be connected with members of our digital projects and instructional design teams, who can help you leverage open and critical digital pedagogy and inclusion-oriented strategies as you design your digital assignment or project.

Learn more: Visit our website or check out this Internet Archive interview with Kevin Hegg, Head of Digital Projects in JMU Libraries, to learn about these projects and more.

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