Instructional Design

We are committed to building an engaging and inclusive learning environment at JMU by consulting with instructors and programs on instructional design (ID) for courses, curricula, and learning initiatives.

As instructional designers, our practices are informed by learning sciences, systems thinking, and pedagogy-driven community building. Centering equity, accessibility, and inclusion, we support instruction, learning, and scholarly work by providing instructional design solutions to enhance and sustain learners’ success. Our work simultaneously holds space to explore evidence-based emerging teaching and learning trends, tools, and methods while centering an ethic of care and a learner-centered experience

Request a consultation (select “Instructional Design & Technology” on the form) to design and develop inclusive and engaging assignments, courses, program orientations, learner-oriented resources, and curricula.

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Professor Nathaniel Taeho Yu is taking a profile photo with a smile

Yu Nathaniel Taeho Yu
Instructional Designer
Mothana in blue v-neck polo standing outside of Rose Library.

Matarneh Almothana Matarneh
Graduate Assistant

Yang Zhenhuan “Henry” Yang
Instructional Designer
Stephen Ijeluola wearing a blue jacket and white shirt with a smile on his face.

Ijeluola Abiodun Stephen Ijeluola
Instructional Designer
Sammy Joy Whitaker

Whitaker Samantha Joy Whitaker
Instruction Developer
Juhong Christie Liu (she/her)

Liu Juhong Christie Liu
Director of Instructional Design
Chelsey Bollinger

Bollinger Chelsey M. Bahlmann Bollinger
Senior Faculty Associate from Early, Elementary, & Reading Education
Profile photo of Jessica Lantz

Lantz Jessica Lantz
Instructional Designer
Elaine Kaye Headshot

Kaye Elaine Kaye
Instructional Designer
Nicole Wilson headshot

Wilson Nicole Wilson
Instructional Designer