Learning Innovations & Design

We create virtual and physical spaces, programs, and services for the JMU community to enhance, experiment with, and innovate in their teaching, learning, and scholarship.

Departments in this unit include Classroom Technology Services, Educational Technology Services, Instructional Design, Learning Technology Services, and Media Production & Makerspace Services.

To get started using our services, visit the Learning Innovations & Design Desk online or in Rose Library.

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Name Title Phone Email
Burtner Joshua Burtner Instructional Equipment & Applications Specialist Sr. burtnejm@jmu.edu
Yu Nathaniel Taeho Yu Instructional Designer 540-568-2381 yutx@jmu.edu
Matarneh Almothana Matarneh Graduate Assistant matarnam@jmu.edu
Snipes Liberty Snipes Graduate Assistant snipeslg@jmu.edu
Yang Zhenhuan “Henry” Yang Instructional Designer yang3zx@jmu.edu
Wilson Harmony Nicole Wilson Graduate Assistant wilso2hn@dukes.jmu.edu
Ijeluola Abiodun Stephen Ijeluola Instructional Designer 540-568-5032 ijeluoas@jmu.edu
Underwood Matt Underwood Learning Support Specialist 540-568-3582 underwmj@jmu.edu
Hamrick Ross Hamrick Instructional Equipment and Applications Specialist Sr. 540-568-2523 hamri2rj@jmu.edu
Elajarmeh Sawsan Elajarmeh Learning Innovations & Design Services Coordinator 540-568-7046 elajarsm@jmu.edu
Wirdzek Adam Wirdzek Makerspace Instructor wirdzeal@jmu.edu
King Raven King Instructional Media Developer 540-568-7171 kingrd@jmu.edu
Whitaker Samantha Joy Whitaker Instruction Developer whitaksj@jmu.edu
Liu Juhong Christie Liu Director of Instructional Design 540-568-2381 liujc@jmu.edu
Polk Jenna Polk Interim Head of Media Production Services 540-568-5558 friesjs@jmu.edu
Pitchford Kevin Pitchford Instructional Equipment & Applications Specialist Sr. 540-568-6929 pitchfkb@jmu.edu
Perkins Bobby Perkins AV Programmer and Networking Specialist, Sr. 540-568-7193 perkinbd@jmu.edu
Miles Anthony Miles Learning Technologies Integrations Specialist 540-568-2856 milesab@jmu.edu
Lantz Jessica Lantz Instructional Designer 540-568-6803 lantzjl@jmu.edu
Kaye Elaine Kaye Instructional Designer 540-568-4832 robertef@jmu.edu
Jenkins Carlson Jenkins Educational Technologist 540-568-7423 jenkindc@jmu.edu
Hartman Lisa Hartman Makery Services Manager 540-568-3540 hartmase@jmu.edu
Hansen Eric Hansen Director, Learning Technology Services 540-568-2858 hansenej@jmu.edu
Guadarrama Ivan Guadarrama Instructional Media Consultant 540-568-4840 guadarji@jmu.edu
Gimbert Doug Gimbert Sr. Educational Technology Engineer 540-568-6799 gimberdm@jmu.edu
Easley Dan Easley Makerspace Manager 540-568-4374 easleydr@jmu.edu
Dove Matthew Dove Learning Support Specialist I 540-568-8116 dovema@jmu.edu
Davis Donna Davis Course Evaluation Administrator 540-568-7697 davisdy@jmu.edu
Cockburn Trevor Cockburn Instructional Technologist & AV Specialist Sr 540-568-6629 cockbuta@jmu.edu
Calcagno-Roach Jamie Calcagno-Roach Director, Educational Technology Services 540-568-6578 calcagjm@jmu.edu
Brink Jordan Brink Learning Systems Specialist 540-568-6641 brinkjl@jmu.edu
Brett Billy Brett Equipment Manager 540-568-3842 brettwe@jmu.edu
Baugher Craig Baugher Technical Instructor 540-568-6046 baughecc@jmu.edu
Siron Olen Siron Sr. Educational Technology Engineer 540-568-6799 sironoc@jmu.edu
Strack Andrew J. Strack Director, Media Production and Makerspace Services 540-568-4839 strackaj@jmu.edu
Wark Jared Wark Makerspace Instructor 540-568-7061 warkjs@jmu.edu
West James West Director, Classroom Technology Services 540-568-7382 westjr@jmu.edu
Williams Zachary Williams Media Specialist willi2ze@jmu.edu
Wilson Nicole Wilson Instructional Designer 540-568-5922 wilso2rn@jmu.edu
Adams Andrea Adams Associate Dean for Learning Innovations & Design 540-568-6568 adamsah@jmu.edu