Zachary Williams

Media Specialist

About me

I currently work in the Media Production Services department in JMU Libraries specializing in motion graphics, video production/editing, 2D & 3D animation, graphic design and more.  I started my career at JMU working in the Makerspaces maintaining 3D printers, rendering virtual environments, animating digital signage and running electronics workshops in 2017-2019.  In my spare time I find solace and inspiration in music/experiments in synthesis, hiking with family, and exploring new forms of digital and analog creation.

About Learning Innovations & Design

We create virtual and physical spaces, programs, and services for the JMU community to enhance, experiment with, and innovate in their teaching, learning, and scholarship. Departments include Classroom Technology Services, Digital Projects, Makerspaces Services & Instruction, Media Production Services, Online Learning, and Programming & Planning.

About Media Production Services

We collaborate with faculty and staff on the design and production of media content for instructional purposes. We also provide consultations on tools, resources, and best practices for instructional media production. The recording studio in Rose Library is equipped for lecture recordings, interviews, audio recordings, screen capture, and more.