Media Production Support for Faculty

Media production services staff offer a wide variety of expertise with tools to help faculty and staff create instructional media projects. Contact us to schedule a consultation with staff members to review your project goals, talk over various tools we can use to achieve those goals, and schedule production time.

Media Production and Makerspace Services (MPMS) is located within the Learning Innovations and Design unit of the Libraries, so if your project needs further development, we can easily include collaborators from other departments.

Video Production

JMU Libraries staff use professional video and audio recording equipment to create instructional content for JMU faculty and staff. Faculty and staff coordinate with Libraries staff to use our professional video production studio located on the 5th floor of Rose Library, and we also offer on-location video recording services. 

The video production studio is equipped with the following amenities:

  • Professional video and audio recording devices, lighting, and various backdrops
  • Teleprompter
  • HoverCam Solo document camera
  • Lightboard
  • Camtasia (screen capture)

Examples of video recordings we can assist in creating include: tutorials/how-to, pre-lab demonstration, class introductions, in-studio interviews of subject matter experts, video abstracts, narratives (scenarios, skits, or stories that help with the facilitation of learning,) short lectures or modules used in JMU courses, and select informational videos (depending on the scope and nature of the project).

Graphic Production

We can create professional graphic design, photography, animation and motion graphics for your instructional project or scholarly product. Examples include:

  • How-to animations, illustrations or photography stills
  • Informational or training brochures
  • Graphs, infographics, or other visual representations of data or processes

Media Conversion

Video and Audio conversion services
Convert VHS and DVD video formats from one format to another.  Convert video from one codec format, such as .wmv, to another format such as .mp4.  Convert CDs, audio cassettes, and digital audio files into various formats. MPS will fulfill requests in which you own the copyright.

Video is an effective way to engage students in learning about concepts. If you want to use a video in your teaching, please visit the Instructional Use of Media Collection page to learn more about streaming videos in the JMU collections and to contact your libraries liaison.

3D Scanning

We are experimenting with 3D scanning technology, using technology from Artec, as well as consumer-level iPad based scanners, to try producing new forms of media.  Please schedule an appointment if you are interested in learning more!

Additional Resources

In addition to our production services, JMU Libraries also offers a wide array of media equipment and support to create your own productions.

Equipment Loans
You can borrow a wide variety of cameras, microphones, lighting equipment, projectors and more.

Free Media for Creative Use
These sources provide material that is available under Creative Commons, public domain, or JMU license.

The Makery
The Makery in Rose Library offers a wide range of tools, materials, and support for the entire JMU community. Everyone is welcome to explore media editing, a recording studio, 3D printers, Raspberry Pis, virtual reality, paper and vinyl cutters, Arduinos, and more.

Instructional Use of Media Collection
Learn more about the streaming videos already in the JMU Libraries collection.