Online Instructional Use of Media Collection

Our service:

  1. Accepts requests for materials that are integral to your teaching goals and not supplementary or optional for those goals and for your students.
  2. Reviews your request for Canvas use of audio/video media that we own, or you own, and if approved provides access in streaming form within your course site.


YOU MUST SUBMIT A SEPARATE REQUEST FORM FOR EACH TITLE REQUESTED. Processing time will vary upon demand. Typically, we receive a high number of requests at the beginning of each semester so please plan accordingly.

Submit your request(s) here.

(JMU eID and password required)

It is incumbent upon course instructors to use copyrighted material in a way that complies with the doctrine of fair use as per 17 U.S. Code § 107, or the provisions of the TEACH Act as codified in 17 U.S. Code § 110. Decisions regarding the use of the copyrighted material remain the sole responsibility of JMU faculty or staff members requesting copyrighted material from JMU Libraries; however, we provide the following guidance.

For information about fair use and the TEACH Act, please refer to:

If the media is available for purchase from Netflix, Amazon, Hulu or any similar provider for a reasonable fee, then please direct students to purchase media, rather than making streaming requests.

JMU Libraries may choose to purchase streaming media rather than making a clip available; course instructors can then refer their students to identified sections of the streaming media for instructional purposes.

Please Note:

This service is not a library e-reserves service, for those types of requests please visit the Course Reserves page.