Course Reserves

For Students:

To retrieve reserve items, use JMU Libraries Library Search and limit your search to Course Reserves.

Note the call number of the desired item in the results list of your search and request it at the Ask the Library Desk.

For Faculty:

Course Reserve is a service the library offers that allows instructors to place shortened checkout periods on high-use items for class assignments.

  • All JMU Libraries materials assigned for your course — textbooks, fiction, non-fiction — can be placed on reserve at the library location of your choosing.
  • Personal copies of assigned books and media can also be placed on reserve in most cases.
  • For some students who are unable to (or prefer not to) purchase assigned materials, checking them out of the library for short periods of time can be a great alternative.
  • Thanks to the new “Course Reading List” feature in Canvas, your course reserve materials can show up right in Canvas next to your other required readings.

Submitting Course Reserves


JMU Libraries offers traditional course reserve services at all branch locations.

  • Physical materials from the Libraries collections and personal copies of materials may be placed on reserve for students to access during library hours.
  • Please use this form to submit requests for physical materials to be added to your course(s).
  • Instructors may also submit course reserve material lists to
  • Personal copies of materials to be placed on reserve may be brought to the Carrier Library Ask the Library desk or mailed via campus mail to Carrier Library, Suite 223, MSC 1704, Attention: April Beckler. 

For reserves in the Music Library or ETMC, consult with the staff at those branch locations.

If you would like to request the purchase of an eBook or print book for course reserves, please email In collaboration with Liaison Librarians, course reserve staff are able to order new materials for the collection that can be put on reserve at any JMU Library location. 

Course Reading List in Canvas

This tool is designed to help faculty incorporate materials for Course Reserves and Course Readings into one easy-to-access list in Canvas. You can use the tool to build reading lists that include books, e-journal articles, ebooks, streaming video or audio, websites, physical materials, and more.


  • Easy to access: Course materials lists are added to Canvas navigation so that students can find them all in one place.
  • Easy to create: Instructors can search the library catalog and link directly to resources.
  • Reusable: Reading Lists can be saved and reused in other courses.

Get Started:

  • Feel free to start exploring by selecting Course Reading List from your Canvas navigation menu.
  • Please note that Course Reading List is an opt-in service and will require being enabled in your Canvas course navigation settings.

Questions? Check out our “Course Reading List Guide” or contact with questions about the Course Reading List feature or anything related to Course Reserves.

Scan & Deliver

Faculty can submit requests for scanning services through Scan & Deliver via their ILL account. Requests for chapters or sections of library materials can be digitized and delivered electronically for use in Canvas.


Can I place personal items on reserve?

Yes! Copyright compliant personal copies of books, media, hard copy periodicals, and purchased reprints and consumables (workbooks, published tests, answer sheets) may be place on reserve. Personal copies of materials to be placed on reserve may be brought to the Ask the Library desk(s) at Carrier or Rose Library or mailed via campus mail to Course Reserves, Carrier Library, MSC 1704, ATTENTION: April Beckler. Be sure to attach a note that includes your name, course, and section number.

What are my options for check-out periods?

Reserve materials at Carrier and Rose Library can be placed on reserve for a 4-Hour or 4-Day checkout period. Media reserves are 4-Hour only, and reserve items at the Music Library can be checked out for 4-Hours with overnight use.

Can eBooks be placed on reserve?

Yes, when licensing allows, eBooks purchased by JMU Libraries can be linked to course reserve lists. Printouts of eBooks will not be placed on reserve.

What if JMU doesn’t own a copy of a book I’m assigning for my course?

Reserve staff collaborates with Liaison Librarians to order new materials for JMU Libraries’ collection when they are requested for course reserve use. Please send requests for purchase of materials for course reserve to and specify what course these materials should be added to upon receipt at JMU Libraries.

Can reserve items be renewed?

No, to ensure fair access to the item, renewals are not allowed.

How do my students access physical items I’ve had placed on reserve?

Physical materials must be checked out in person — come to the front “Ask the Library” desk at Carrier and Rose Library and request the item by title.

Media Reserves

Video or nonprint media can be made available at Carrier, Rose and Music for use outside of class time. Library media and compliant personal copies may be put on reserve.

Music Library Reserves

All faculty may place personal material and material FROM ANY JMU LIBRARY on reserve in the Music Library. We encourage and support placing digital items directly into your Canvas course. We offer loan periods of 4-Hours in library for personal items and 4-Hours/Overnight use for library owned items. If you need technical assistance or would like to consult about the best method, contact:

Items Owned by the Library

Instructors may request that books or media owned by the library be placed on reserve at Carrier Library, Rose Library, or the Music Library. Where licensing allows, eBooks purchased by JMU Libraries can be linked to course reserve lists as well. No current or bound volumes of periodicals owned by the library can be placed on reserve.

Items Owned by the Instructor

Personal copies of materials may be placed on reserve. Course Reserve staff makes every effort to ensure the security of items placed on reserve, however, we assume no liability for personal copies that are lost or damaged.

Items Not Owned by the Library or the Instructor

In collaboration with Liaison Librarians, we’re able to order new materials for the collection that can be put on reserve at any JMU Library location. Materials obtained through Interlibrary Loan cannot be placed on reserve.

Copyright Compliance

Instructors using reserves are responsible for complying with current copyright law and regulations. Please refer to the Reserves Copyright Guidelines to answer basic questions on copyright.

JMU Libraries reserves the right to decline placing any item on reserve the lacks copyright permission if the nature, scope, or extent is judged by the library to exceed the reasonable limits of fair use.

Documents placed onto course websites or into Canvas course sites are not under the control of JMU Libraries and are not reviewed for copyright compliance. However, we are glad to consult with faculty to provide resources to enable you to asses copyright fair use, digitize materials, and post those materials to your Canvas course pages. For additional guidance, you may contact Howard Carrier, Liaison Librarian and Copyright Advisor, at

Faculty can provide equitable and affordable access for students by using library-licensed or open access materials.

Contact your liaison librarian for help with identifying online options.

Contact Course Reserves

April Beckler

Zach Sensabaugh

Looking to request a streaming video to be placed in your Canvas course? Visit the Online Instructional Use of Media Collection page.