Kevin Pitchford

Instructional Equipment & Applications Specialist Sr.

About me

I was “asked” to change my profile pic “to an image that doesn’t deface a statue of James Madison.”  I chose that picture, taken at the time by one of our students, because it showed the humor and creativity of our students, and fit the humorous form of my closing quote “I sometimes roll my eyes out loud.”

Okay, I get it, and I don’t want to disparage any likeness of the “Father of the Constitution”.  So enjoy my new profile pic – I hope you find it amusing.  But if you don’t see the humor, just consider it truth in advertising…or fair warning.  

Let me know if you cracked the code with an email or call.  Or stop by if you want to see what I really look like!

About Classroom Technology Services

We enhance the teaching and learning experience for faculty and students in in-person and hybrid environments via management of appropriate educational technologies. We design, install, support, and maintain reliable technology-rich teaching environments on campus. We coordinate with JMU Facilities Management and others to plan for audio/visual technologies for new or renovated JMU academic buildings.

Need quick help with technology or equipment in your classroom? Contact 540-568-6799 (press “1”) or

About Learning Innovations & Design

We create virtual and physical spaces, programs, and services for the JMU community to enhance, experiment with, and innovate in their teaching, learning, and scholarship. Departments include Classroom Technology Services, Educational Technology Services, Instructional Design, Learning Technology Services, and Media Production & Makerspace Services.