Donna Davis

Course Evaluation Administrator


Building: Carrier Library
Office: 1E
MSC: 1704

Department: Learning Technology Services

About me

As the lead Course Evaluation Administrator, I create and distribute all campus course evaluations in an online format.  I work with departments across campus to apply their unique evaluation requests so that the online environment most closely resembles older formats to which they have become accustomed.  I am end-user focused, attempting to ensure the best possible experience, from Academic Unit Heads to Instructors and Students.  I have been in this capacity at JMU since 2012.


B.M.E. in Voice, minor in piano, James Madison University

Blue Expert Administrator
Blue Reports Master

About Learning Technology Services

We support the university’s learning management system (LMS), technologies integrated into the LMS, classroom interaction, proctoring, and course evaluation software.

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