Exhibits, Displays, and Digital Signs Policy

JMU Libraries and Educational Technologies (LET) offers exhibit spaces, book display spaces, and digital signs for use by LET and by members of the JMU community. Exhibits, book displays, and digital signs are managed by the LET Outreach and Partnerships Department. General questions about this policy may be directed to the LET Director of Outreach & Partnerships.

Criteria for content selection and development:

We strive to offer exhibit, display, and digital sign content that is of an educational or cultural nature, and that will be of interest to the community who uses LET spaces. In addition to those general criteria, we reserve the right to select or design content that:

We do not display content that relates to commercial activity (such as sales or fundraisers), partisan political activity, or recruitment for paid or volunteer work.

In keeping with the Library Bill of Rights and the library profession’s Code of Ethics, we endeavor to present a broad spectrum of opinion and a variety of viewpoints. Content will not be excluded because of the origin, background, or views of those contributing to its creation, nor will content be proscribed or removed because of partisan or doctrinal disapproval. LET does not endorse the beliefs or viewpoints of content that may be the subject of library exhibits, displays, or digital signs. LET will not censor or remove an exhibit, display, or digital sign because some members of the community may disagree with its content. Anybody with feedback on the content of an exhibit, display, or digital sign may submit comments and/or their own proposal of content, to be evaluated according to these policies. Comments or proposals of additional content may be directed to the LET Director of Outreach & Partnerships.


Rose Library has a locked glass display case (approximate dimensions: 36″W x 72″L x 16″H) that can accommodate small three-dimensional exhibits. Materials will be displayed for one month. JMU or community groups that wish to use the space must submit a description of the exhibit prior to the desired display date to the Events and Exhibits Assistant. The JMU Libraries assumes no responsibility for the physical safety of exhibit material. Any costs incurred in the creation of the exhibit are the responsibility of the sponsoring group, not LET.

Carrier Library has Special Collections exhibit cases on the 1st and 2nd floors. No other exhibit spaces are available in Carrier.

The Music Library includes The Little Gallery Underground and a built-in wall exhibit case.

Library Book Displays:

Shelving is available on the first floor of Music Library, Carrier Library, and Rose Library for the display of library-owned materials. Materials included in the display may be checked out at any time.

JMU groups, clubs, or departments may request special thematic displays of books. Those interested in requesting a book display theme must contact the Outreach Coordinator. Book display themes are planned in the summer for the following academic year, and the schedule is confirmed by mid-August.

Once selected, the Outreach Coordinator will contact selectors with a timeline for their particular display, and procedures for selecting a display. Selectors for book displays are responsible for creating an item list, developing a title & ideas for signage (sign graphics will be created for you), writing a description of the display, and working with LET Outreach and Partnerships to coordinate promotions.

Digital Signs:

The JMU Libraries have digital signs that display information about LET and other academic programs on campus. Members of the JMU community may submit slides for display. Slides that promote JMU campus and community events and activities will be considered for the rotation. In the event that demand exceeds capacity, priority will be given to slides that support academic activity and match LET’s mission and values. While LET staff reserve the right to accept slides outside of the scope of the policy, acceptance of slides is in keeping with the Library Bill of Rights.

Signs to be displayed in Carrier, Rose, and Music Libraries should be submitted through the Digital Sign Submission Form. (JMU e-ID login required.)

Questions? Please visit the Ask the Library desk or contact us via chat, email or phone.