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Chat service is available from 10 AM to 7 PM Sunday through Thursday. Chat is not available Friday-Saturday. If chat is closed and you require assistance, you can reach us at using the Email the Library link below.


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Find subject or course-specific resources curated by JMU librarians.

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Liaison librarians can help students formulate a research topic, develop a search strategy, or examine resources relevant to a paper or project.

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Get quick help about Library technology. Find quick tech help.


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Our experts can help JMU faculty with many aspects of their teaching and scholarship. Find out more and schedule a consultation.

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Our experts can provide instruction in courses and to groups of faculty members. Find out more and schedule an instruction session.

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Get quick help or a consultation about technology in the classroom (clickers, projectors, lectern computers) and learning technology (Canvas, WebEx, Respondus,). Find quick help or schedule a consultation.


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