We Heard You! 9 Secrets We Didn’t Mean to Keep

Posted on: March 8, 2024

Thank you to all the staff and faculty who responded to our survey in December asking what resources you need from us! We can’t do our work without hearing about your needs and experiences.

We’re pleased to share these new FAQs in response to some of the needs and questions you shared: 

  1. Can you help me access digital data stored on obsolete devices?
  2. How do I invite a librarian to talk with my class?
  3. How do I search for ebooks or online books?
  4. How do I find audiobooks?
  5. How do I browse/borrow physical books and periodicals?
  6. How do I get training in graphic design, Canva, PowerPoint, or Google Sites?
  7. Do you have any events focused on relaxation or quiet study time?
  8. How can faculty continue to work on their research during JMU holiday closures?
  9. Where can I find hints and information about what’s available in JMU Libraries?

Thank you for sharing your experiences with us so we can continue to meet the evolving needs of our campus community! Your ideas have been funneled into the appropriate channels for consideration as we plan the Libraries’ services and offerings. 

Still have questions? Ask the Library, contact us at libraries@jmu.edu, or peek at our 2021 story, 10 Libraries Secrets We Didn’t Mean to Keep.

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