Amp Up Student Participation with Poll Everywhere 

Posted on: January 22, 2024

If you are looking to invigorate your classroom, capture your students’ attention, and facilitate interactive learning, try Poll Everywhere!

Poll Everywhere is a dynamic and user-friendly polling platform designed to transform your teaching experience.

Now available at JMU, Poll Everywhere offers an innovative way to promote engagement, gauge comprehension, and foster active participation among your students.

Faculty at JMU have been using Poll Everywhere for a few years, and now the JMU Libraries offers a license that allows instructors to poll larger classes.

Celes Woodruff, a professor in the JMU Department of Mathematics and Statistics, has been using Poll Everywhere for a few years. She explains, “I love using polling in my class because it levels the playing field for shy students. In the past, if I asked a question, the same two or three people would answer and everyone else would look terrified of being called on. Now, I can ask a question and everyone in the class can answer it privately. I can see immediately what my students are thinking and adjust on the fly if I need to cover a topic with more detail.”

Whether you teach in a traditional classroom, online, or in a blended environment, Poll Everywhere can enhance your students’ learning experience.

To get started, visit our Poll Everywhere at JMU page. For personalized help integrating Poll Everywhere into your classes, visit the Learning Innovations & Design Desk online or in Rose Library.

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