Poll Everywhere at JMU


Poll Everywhere is a classroom response system that allows you to create polls, surveys, and quizzes. Students can respond in real time on their phones, tablets, or computers. You can integrate Poll Everywhere into slides and other presentations. This is one way to incorporate interactive elements into your class session, keeping students engaged. By using Poll Everywhere’s instant feedback and reporting features, you can gain insight into students’ opinions and comprehension. You can also generate reports after the class session to gain greater insight.

Both PollEverywhere and Top Hat can be used in the classroom to poll your students and actively engage them in the material you are teaching.

Visit the links below to learn more about Poll Everywhere:

Who can use Poll Everywhere?

Faculty & staff have access to instructor licenses. Students can take Poll Everywhere polls.

How can I get started using Poll Everywhere?

Faculty, staff, and students can access Poll Everywhere through Poll Everywhere’s web portal or a Canvas course. Follow these instructions to get started:

Where can I get help/support?

For account support and training, contact Poll Everywhere:

For consultation or support with teaching and learning with Poll Everywhere, contact JMU Libraries’ Learning Innovations & Design Desk: