Top Hat at JMU


Top Hat is an option in Canvas that allows you to create interactive lectures, quizzes, polls and more, allowing students to participate using their devices. Designed to enhance student engagement and improve learning outcomes, Top Hat also provides assessment tools and analytics. Using Top Hat can help you gain insights into student performance, enabling you to adopt data-driven teaching strategies and provide personalized feedback. This tool is suitable for any discipline and works in in-person, hybrid, and online learning environments.

Both Top Hat and Poll Everywhere can be used in the classroom to poll your students and actively engage them in the material you are teaching.

Visit the links below to learn more about Top Hat:

Who can Use Top Hat?

JMU faculty, staff, and students.

How Can I Get Started Using Top Hat?

Faculty and staff can access Top Hat through Top Hat’s web portal or a Canvas course.

To add Top Hat to a Canvas Course:

  1. Open Canvas Course
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select Navigation
  4. Enable Top Hat
  5. Save navigation options
  6. Select Top Hat in Course Navigation

Top Hat web portal account setup:

View a slideshow guide for faculty on using Top Hat.

Where can I get help/support?

For account support and training, contact Top Hat:

For consultation or support with teaching and learning with Top Hat, contact JMU Libraries’ Learning Innovations & Design Desk: