100+ libraries & museums created coloring books from their collections – including us!

Posted on: February 7, 2020

JMU Libraries has released a new coloring book for Color Our Collections, a week-long social media event when libraries and museums share original coloring books featuring images from their collections.

Our coloring book this year features whimsical images from 1924. Books and other works published in 1924 are in the public domain — meaning, anyone is free to use and remix this now-copyright-free content — as of January 1, 2020.

To find this content in the JMU Libraries’ collections, library staff created a list of all books in our collections published in 1924. We then looked at many of the books to find intriguing illustrations. We selected images such as:

We hope that people around the world — parents, teachers, students, anyone! — enjoy coloring these beautiful images.

JMU Libraries has participated in Color Our Collections since 2016. Find all of our coloring books – and many more from over 100 libraries and museums around the world — at http://www.ColorOurCollections.org

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