A Day of Community Conversations (a conference for JMU academic advisors)

Posted on: November 30, 2022

All JMU faculty and staff who serve in an academic advising function are invited to attend the Day of Community Conversations advising conference at JMU’s Rose Library on Thursday, February 23, 2023. This opportunity is hosted by the JMU Advising Resource & Collaboration Network and co-sponsored by University Advising, the Center for Faculty Innovation, and JMU Libraries. This day is an opportunity to share, celebrate, and learn as a community of dedicated advising professionals and elevate the function of advising at JMU. 

Conference format and goals:

The conference will be a one-day event including a keynote, concurrent sessions, and other activities with the goal of enhancing advising knowledge and community for faculty and staff while also increasing the effectiveness of our advising programs. This is also an opportunity for advisors to facilitate a conversation about a topic of interest and share their own practices and expertise relating to advising best practices. 

Call for proposals – January 6 deadline:

JMU faculty and staff who serve in an academic advising function are invited to submit a proposal to facilitate a session at this conference! The presentations do not need to include original research. Instead, facilitators should focus on offering experiences, practices, and ideas that to spark conversation among participants. Submit a session proposal by January 6, 2023 if you are interested in facilitating a conversation!

We look forward to an exciting inaugural Day of Community Conversations conference for JMU academic advisors. See you in February!

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