Annual Strategic Priorities

JMU Libraries has set the following strategic priorities for 2019-2020 in pursuit of our mission and to become an increasingly welcoming, inclusive part of the campus community.

Our first four goals were developed as part of a STAR (Strategic Accountability and Reporting Tool) planning process, in collaboration with Libraries Leadership:

  1. The Libraries will strengthen and build relationships and connections with JMU communities and external partners to inform decision-making, increase awareness of our services, and contribute to JMU’s culture of engagement.
  2. The Libraries will continue working to realize our statement of aspirational culture, focusing in this phase on integrating best practices in diversity, equity, and inclusion into operations, programming, and outreach.
  3. The Libraries will continue to implement its APR Action Plan in response to APR External Team recommendations, focusing in this phase on making further progress in unifying the organization, appropriately staffing the Libraries to meet growing needs, and clarifying decision-making processes.
  4. The Libraries will continue to plan for expansion and renovation of our spaces, prioritizing accessibility and usability, while elevating the project as a mission-driven need to the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Two additional goals emerged through internal Libraries and campus partner conversations, in the course of Dean Nowviskie’s first year at JMU. These goals support the necessary development of authentic understandings and cultural competencies, as well as new technical workflows and organizational structures.

  1. In partnership with the Furious Flower Poetry Center, begin developing a new model for integrated Libraries support of a living, academic center for the arts with archival, scholarly, digital, and performance components.
  2. In response to information gathered from meetings with cross-functional groups, teams, and individuals, co-create, with library leaders, an organizational structure that reflects our values, addresses unfinished aspects of a previous reorganization, actively engages our users, and positions the JMU Libraries as a flourishing, core component of the campus intellectual infrastructure.