Strategic Priorities

Our organization has set the following strategic priorities in pursuit of our mission and to become an increasingly welcoming, inclusive part of the campus community:

JMU Libraries Strategic Priorities 2021-2024

  1. We will pursue organizational excellence: providing high-quality library and educational technology services and resources to our campus community, living fully our Libraries values, and working to realize our statement of aspirational culture.
  2. We will prioritize equity, inclusion, diversity, and access in all aspects of our work, and undertake self-examination and concrete action to become an actively anti-racist and anti-discriminatory organization.
  3. We will document and integrate lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic to promote ongoing organizational resilience.
  4. In partnership with Furious Flower Poetry Center, we will conclude our Flowerings planning grant activities and begin implementing a new, community-centered model for integrated Libraries support of a living, interdisciplinary and archival center for scholarship and the arts.
  5. We will plan for Carrier Library Renovation and Expansion, creating a safe and welcoming building for all members of our community.
  6. We will review progress on our APR implementation plan, evaluate and implement remaining recommendations, and prepare for our next Academic Program Review.