Schedule a Consultation

Data Management

Schedule a consultation with our data services coordinator about: developing a data management plan, data management best practices, and identifying repositories to find and deposit data.

Digital Scholarship

Schedule a consultation with the digital scholarship team to integrate digital projects and assignments in your teaching and research.

Information Literacy & Research Support

Subject Librarians consult with faculty about their research; integrating library resources into classes or assignments; and, scholarship support, such as journal recommendations and measuring research impact. Schedule a consultation with your subject librarian.

Instructional Design & Technology

Schedule a meeting with our instructional design and technologist team for in-depth consultation and collaboration on course design, technology integration, and technology training for instruction.

The Makery

Schedule a consultation with The Makery team to help bring the tools and technologies of the emerging maker movement to your classroom.

Open Educational Resources

Schedule a consultation with our instruction and educational resources coordinator about: finding, adopting, or creating Open Educational Resources (OER).

Special Collections

Schedule a consultation with the special collections team to integrate primary or archival sources into classes and assignments.

Technology Training

Schedule a consultation with our technology experts to learn about the technology training we offer such as: creating infographics and media recording and editing.