Relationship to JMU Brand

Supporting the JMU Brand

Because we are a part of JMU, our brand is closely related to JMU’s brand. When possible, expressions of our brand identity should align with and support the JMU brand. JMU’s University Marketing & Branding (UMB) department is in charge of the JMU brand. 

Relationship to University Marketing & Branding

Some aspects of our brand identity, including our logos and guidelines for logo usage, are created and administered by UMB. Other aspects of our brand identity are created within the Libraries, with support or advice from UMB.

Members of the Libraries’ Communications & Outreach department communicate with UMB to understand their requirements for our branding, marketing, and communications work, the resources they provide, and their ongoing work to continue branding JMU.


We adhere to JMU Policy 1501 and JMU Policy 1502, which stipulates:

  • adherence to the JMU brand guide, especially when communicating to external (non-student, non-employee) audiences
  • paid advertising needs to go through UMB 
  • media contact needs to go through UMB
  • UMB coordinates social media 

More Information

For more information about the JMU brand, please consult the JMU Brand Guide.