JMU Libraries Brand Guide

What is the JMU Libraries Brand Guide?

This guide is for all JMU Libraries employees and anyone who will publicly represent the Libraries with its official marks and standards. The purpose of this guide is to give JMU Libraries a unified brand identity across all our platforms. JMU Marketing & Branding requires that any materials on our website or otherwise visible to prospective students, donors, and parents are in alignment with the JMU brand.

Exceptions can be made for materials for current students that will not appear online. Please use your discretion and contact Emily Blake ( if you have any questions about materials that are not aligned with the JMU Libraries brand.

Where Did it Come from?

This guide is heavily based on the JMU Brand Guide. The information in it derives from work completed by the Libraries’ Branding Task Force, Positioning Statement Task Force, Dean’s Council, and the Libraries’ Communications & Outreach department, led by Kristen Shuyler. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. The guide was updated in Fall 2022 by Emily Blake and Harper Holsinger as part of the Libraries Website Refresh initiative.


Please contact Emily Blake ( with questions about this guide, suggested changes, or additions.