Our Facility and Location Names

This list provides the preferred, official name for each of our locations followed by usage notes and acceptable variations of the locations’ names.

Ask the Library

Preferred name of desk in Rose Library and JMU Libraries Express: “Ask the Library desk

  • Acceptable variations: front desk
  • Not acceptable: main desk, information desk

Preferred name of the live chat service: “Ask the Library live chat

  • Acceptable variations: Ask the Library chat, our live chat service, our online chat service

Preferred name of the webpage: “Ask the Library

Carrier Library

Preferred: “Carrier Library” 

  • Acceptable variations: Carrier
  • Not acceptable: Carrier library, JMU Carrier Library, JMU Carrier library

Educational Technology & Media Center

Preferred: “the Educational Technology & Media Center (ETMC)” 

  • Acceptable variations: ETMC, the ETMC, the Educational Technology & Media Center, Pruden Educational Technology and Media Center, ETMC (in Memorial Hall), or any other acceptable variation with (in Memorial Hall) after it

JMU Libraries Express

Preferred name of the service location: “JMU Libraries Express

  • Acceptable variations: Libraries Express, Express, our express location

Preferred name of service location when address is needed: “JMU Libraries Express (1050 S. Main St.)”

  • Acceptable variations: JMU Libraries Express at 1050 S. Main St. and very similar variations

Learning Innovations & Design Desk

Preferred: “the Learning Innovations & Design Desk” 

  • Acceptable variations: the Learning Innovations & Design Desk online or in Rose, the Learning Innovations & Design Desk online or in Rose Library, the Learning Innovations & Design Desk in Rose Library, the Learning Innovations & Design Desk in Rose, the Learning Innovations & Design Desk on the first floor of Rose, the Learning Innovations & Design Desk on the first floor of Rose Library
  • Not acceptable in public communications: LID Desk, or any other abbreviated version of the name
  • Page to link to when referring to this Desk

The Makery

Preferred: “The Makery in Rose Library” 

  • Acceptable variations: The Makery, The Makery in Rose, The Rose Makery, the makerspace in Rose, the Rose makerspace. JMU Libraries makerspace
  • Not acceptable: makeryspace, The Makeries, the Makery, the makery

Music Library

Preferred: “the Music Library” 

  • Acceptable variations: Music, Music Library, the Music Library (on the Quad), the Music Library (in the basement of the Music Building), the Music Library (in the Music Building)
  • Not acceptable: Music library, JMU Music Library, JMU Music library, The Music Library (first word capitalized)

Rose Library

Preferred: “Rose Library” 

  • Acceptable variations: Rose, Rose Library on east campus, Rose Library (on east campus)
  • Not acceptable: Rose library, East Campus Library, ECL, JMU Rose Library, JMU Rose library

libraries, the libraries, library locations, library facilities, library buildings, library spaces

Use one of these lowercase terms when referring to our library locations without referring to a specific location (e.g., “all of the libraries at JMU have books”).

“Carrier and Rose Libraries”

When referring to multiple named locations at once, combine the proper location names with one instance of the word Libraries (e.g., “Carrier and Rose Libraries”), or use the acceptable variation (e.g., “Carrier and Rose”).