Headings & Text


  • H1 is reserved for the page title and is meant to be used only once.
  • In WordPress, use H2 for main headings and H3 for subheadings.
  • In LibGuides, use H3 for main headings, and H4 for subheadings.
  • Use the default font size and style for headings.  
  • Headings should be short, specific, clear, and address only one goal.  
  • Headings should be written in Title Case.
  • Headings should only be followed by a colon when there is a compelling reason to do so.
  • Do NOT make body text/paragraph text look like headings.  
  • Do NOT hyperlink headings (or highlight when anchoring text).
  • When possible, headings should reflect the purpose that drives the user to seek the content being presented, in simple terms they would use. Ex: Don’t say “Expand Your Network” when you can just say “Networking.” 

Body Text 

Body text is the main text of a page. For body text, 

  • Use 16pt font Arial.  
  • Use bold for emphasis.  
  • Use default color only.  
  • Use italics for distinctions or new terms.  
  • Do not use headings for emphasis or drawing attention to specific body text. 
  • Do not underline text. Underlined text can be mistaken for hyperlinks.  
  • Do not use ALL CAPS.  
  • Sentences should be followed by a single space, not a double space.  
  • Use bullets or numbers when creating lists.  
  • Avoid duplicating long form content on multiple pages if we can provide the content on one page and link to it from other locations.