Carrier Construction Update (8/21/23)

Posted on: August 21, 2023

Construction on Carrier Library is progressing on schedule!

New images: We’re excited to share photos of the construction progress on our website, where you’ll also find a link to the site camera from the construction team!

Construction photo and artist's rendering of the side of Carrier Library facing Grace Street
Construction photo and artist’s rendering of the side of Carrier Library facing Grace Street

This recent construction photo and the artist’s rendering of the future Carrier Library below it show the Grace Street side of Carrier. In the artist’s rendering, you can see how the new building extends well into the existing gravel lot, with a welcoming new entrance facing Grace Street and the Student Success Center.

When will it be finished? You may have noticed that the completion date on the construction fencing says December 2025. However, the date of reopening is still on track for Fall 2026. This additional time will allow us to re-occupy the building and ready our staff and services to welcome our community back into a fully refreshed Carrier Library.

Learn more: For answers to other FAQs, visit our award-winning Carrier Library Renovation & Expansion website!

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