Classroom Technology Services: Reliable, Intuitive, and Cutting-edge

Posted on: August 11, 2022

Opening the door to the classroom on the first day of a new semester is an experience filled with promise. And part of that promise at JMU includes reliable, intuitive, cutting-edge technology. Classroom experiences are some of the richest and most meaningful experiences that JMU students and their professors have. Thanks to the right mix of faculty expertise, reliable technology-rich environments, and student curiosity, the classroom is where a lot of learning happens.

The design, installation, and maintenance of the technology in the classrooms at JMU is managed by an intrepid team of seven technology engineers and applications specialists in the JMU Libraries Classroom Technology Services (CTS) department.

Managing over 470 technology-enhanced teaching spaces on campus, the CTS team is a vital part of the educational mission of JMU. Most classrooms at JMU are equipped with a PC, projector and screen, sound system, laptop connection, and document camera.  Many have wireless microphones, wireless AV options (like Apple TV), Blu-ray players, and confidence monitors to allow presenters to see their screens without turning their backs on the audience.  Some classrooms also have more specialized equipment for hybrid teaching, including pan/tilt/zoom cameras to allow for better camera views and ceiling array microphones to capture audio from the entire classroom. Learn about the technology in JMU’s classrooms by browsing this list.

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