Connect to JMU’s Online Resources from Off-Campus

JMU students, faculty, and staff can access library resources from off-campus using either OpenAthens or Pulse Secure. Most resources can be accessed through OpenAthens by simply logging in with your eID/password and Duo, but some resources, listed here, require you to connect with Pulse Secure.

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Method 1: OpenAthens

OpenAthens simplifies your connection to library resources from off-campus.


  • No software to install
  • Login with eID, password and Duo
  • Only provides access to library resources


Here’s how it works:

  1. To access library resources from off-campus, start at the JMU Libraries website
  2. Find and click on the resource you want to access
  3. Log in to the JMU page with your eID and password
  4. Authenticate with Duo
  5. Access your resource

Once logged in, you will remain connected for 1 day or until you close the browser.

Please note that while most library resources can be accessed through OpenAthens, not all providers and publishers are set up for OpenAthens. If you are unable to access a particular resource through OpenAthens, please use Pulse Secure to access the resource. Click here for the list of known resources that require Pulse Secure.

Method 2: Pulse Secure

Pulse Secure provides access to library resources and secure JMU materials.


  • Requires installation of software
  • Login with eID, password and Duo
  • Provides access to library resources and sensitive JMU files (e.g. N: drive)


To Install/Use Pulse Secure

Installation help with Pulse Secure can be found here. You may also contact the IT Help Desk for questions or issues with Pulse Secure and/or Duo.

Please note that while you are connected through Pulse Secure, all network traffic to and from your computer is routed through JMU’s network as if you were on-campus. Click here for the list of known resources that require Pulse Secure.

Proxy Server

(retired July 31, 2019)

Please note that the proxy server is no longer an option to connect to resources from off campus. To access the Libraries’ online resources from off campus you will need to authenticate through either OpenAthens or Pulse Secure. Instructions for OpenAthens and Pulse Secure are above. If you have the library proxy server configured in your (Chrome) browser settings, we suggest that you remove it. To do so, follow the steps below. Ask the Library for help or questions about this service.

Steps for Removing the Proxy from Your Browser

  1. Open Chrome.
  2. Type chrome://settings into the address bar.
  3. Click on the Advanced link at the bottom of the page.
  4. Look for the System section, then click the Open Proxy Settings link.
  5. A new Internet Properties window will appear. Click on the Connections tab in the Internet Properties window.
  6. Click on the LAN Settings button.
  7. In the LAN Settings window, delete from the Address textbox.
  8. Uncheck Use automatic configuration script.
  9. Check Automatically detect settings.
  10. Click OK. You should return to the Connections tab.
  11. Click OK at the bottom of the Internet Properties window.
  12. Close all Chrome windows, and restart Chrome.

Contact Ask the Library with questions.