Digital Course Reserve (DCR)

Digital Course Reserve (DCR) is an equivalent alternative to traditional Course Reserves that will allow digital access to print items. Use of DCR allows JMU Libraries to digitize a print format book and lend out the secured digital version to one user at a time, in place of the physical item. The goal of DCR is to mimic the print book loan process with a digital object instead of a physical one.

JMU Libraries adheres to these core principles for DCR:

  • Applies only to print materials owned by JMU Libraries and no e-book is available for purchase.
  • Maintains an “owned-to-loaned” ratio with one digital copy of a print item available only to a single user at a time
  • Use digital rights management (DRM) to prevent copying and redistribution
    • Items are read-only
    • No printing
    • No downloading
  • Limits the time period for each digital checkout to ensure equitable access

The owned-to-loaned ratio means the physical print copy is unavailable for borrowing when it has been made available as a digital version. This replicates the physical world experience, where one person can borrow one print book at a time. The print copy will be removed from circulation for as long as the digital link remains active.

Students use the MyDocs app to access DCR content. The MyDocs app is a free app downloadable from Microsoft, Apple, and Android stores. JMU eID and password are required to access a digital item in MyDocs.  When accessing MyDocs via desktop or laptop, use of Google Chrome is recommended for the best experience. If the item is not immediately available, students can input their email to be notified when it becomes available.

Digital Course Reserve loan period options available are 30-minutes, 1-hour, 2-hour, or 4-hour. If no other user has requested to be notified when the item becomes available, the current user can have repeated access to the same item. Digital Course Reserve materials will expire at the end of each semester. If needed in future semesters, faculty must resubmit the request.

Faculty who request a print item to be digitized for DCR are supplied with an Autolink (URL) which can be placed within their Canvas course and/or shared via other communication methods. Library staff will also attach the Autolink directly into JMU Libraries Catalog. Students will check out the digitized version one user at a time, per copy, just as they would with print reserves.

For questions, email

Submit a Request for Digital Course Reserve (DCR)

Please use this form to submit requests for physical materials to be digitized for use in your course(s).

Requests are digitized in the order received.

Please allow five working days from the time requested to receive the item link to distribute to your students.

What Books Can be Digitized?

JMU Libraries owned print items and no e-book is available for purchase.

Upon request, and instructor’s personal copy of a book can be digitized in full for DCR. While in use as a digital item, the personal copy will be housed in a secure location in JMU Libraries for the duration of the semester in use. When the DCR link is deactivated at the end of the semester, the print book will be returned to the instructor via campus mail.

What Books Can NOT be Digitized?

Collections unavailable for digitization at this time are CSD Tests, materials located in our Music Library and materials located in our Special Collections.


Please contact (preferred) or 540-568-4102.