Teach with Zoom at JMU

Using synchronous conferencing tools such as Zoom allows for real-time interaction (with video and audio) for online, hybrid, or hyflex classes. With Zoom, you can:

  • host live online class discussions, presentations, and demonstrations
  • offer online office hours and meeting spaces that utilize audio, video, and file/screen sharing
  • foster connection and engagement with real time interaction

On this page, you’ll find expert advice on getting started on teaching with Zoom at JMU. For personalized help, contact the Learning Innovations & Design Desk online or in Rose Library.

Use Zoom as a JMU Instructor

Zoom is a synchronous online communication system supported by JMU IT

To get started with Zoom as a JMU instructor, you must activate your account in Zoom:

  1. Start at https://jmu-edu.zoom.us 
  2. Select Sign In
  3. Use your JMU eID, password, and Duo to sign in

Use the Zoom Desktop Application

  1. Open Zoom on your computer
  2. Select Sign In with SSO (log out if you don’t see that option)
  3. Enter jmu-edu as the domain name
  4. Select Continue and sign in with your JMU eID, password & Duo. Follow the instructions on the resulting page to download and use the Zoom application

Get Zoom Information and Help

Note on Patient Privacy and HIPAA

For recordings and video conferencing involving observing clinical sessions, telemedicine activities, patient information, etc., please refer to subject-specific HIPAA guidelines, and check the Recording Courses and Student Privacy information in the Academic Affairs FAQ.