Design for Learning Institute

JMU faculty are invited to join a learning community of JMU experts, peers, and mentors as you develop or redesign a course. You’ll gain practical teaching tips and assessment strategies for a digital learning environment as you progress through this Canvas-based institute at your own pace, with instructional designers ready to meet with you for customized support. This asynchronous Design for Learning Institute evolved from the Institute for Online & Hybrid Learning.

Completion time: The average completion time is approximately 6 hours, not including course content creation. 

To join this Institute, enroll yourself at any time! (Log in with your JMU credentials then select “Enroll in Course.”)


This self-paced institute is ideal for instructors who want to:

  • Build a well-organized course with clear directions, scheduling, and navigation
  • Use videos and other media effectively, both inside and outside of class
  • Create clearly articulated assignments (with accompanying rubrics) 
  • Enhance student engagement in large enrollment classes using group activities
  • Pursue technology solutions to streamline grading 
  • Facilitate asynchronous and synchronous peer interaction 

What faculty are saying: 

“The institute took me from basic, surface knowledge to a place where I am creating and delivering high quality content in an efficient and organized way. In a world where resource lists hit our inboxes every day, I highly recommend the institute to get what you need in a tight, expertly curated course.” – Dr. Kristen Shrewsbury

What students are saying: 

“This class by far has the most engagement out of all of my courses. I also feel the most connected to the other students and professor in this class because I communicate with them during class.” – McKenna Mitchell, senior

“Dr. Shrewsbury started the class with an introduction, setting clear and empathetic class expectations. It helped me and other students going into the class by alleviating anxiety and uncertainty surrounding school in general.”  – Seri Bell Ha, senior


After completing these asynchronous workshops, you will be able to:

  • Apply learning theories and instructional design principles to achieve student success in digital learning
  • Identify strategies and best practices that support interactivity and engagement in digital learning environments
  • Apply practical, research-based strategies for teaching and assessment in a digital learning environment


Join this Institute

You may enroll yourself at any time! (Log in with your JMU credentials then select “Enroll in Course.”)


Please contact Dr. Juhong Christie Liu (