Feature Friday: Meet Library Assistant Kateryna Hercheniuk

Posted on: September 17, 2021

Elizabeth Price, Business Librarian
Kateryna Hercheniuk, Library Assistant

In this week’s Feature Friday Q&A, meet Library Assistant Kateryna Hercheniuk, who joined the Libraries team in Fall 2021 to support our business librarian, Elizabeth Price, in providing library services to thousands of students and dozens of faculty in the College of Business. 

Calling in Reinforcements

As you may be aware, JMU Libraries has a designated librarian for each area of study at JMU. These liaison librarians offer a wide array of services to support students and faculty in their research, including consultations, in-class instruction, tutorials, and more. They all work hard, but with thousands of students and dozens of faculty in her subject area, business librarian Elizabeth Price is in particularly high demand.

That’s where Kateryna comes in. For the first time this fall, the Libraries was able to hire a part-time library assistant, Kateryna Hercheniuk, to help our business librarian with some of the behind-the-scenes aspects of the role – creating tutorials on business and entrepreneurship, promoting resources to faculty and students, and comparing our business databases and collections with those of Business programs at other universities to help us make strategic decisions about our subscriptions. 

We are so grateful to have Kateryna on our team, and anyone in the College of Business is sure to benefit from her work for years to come.

Let’s get to know Kateryna!


How do you work with business librarian Elizabeth Price?

I support Elizabeth’s work by: 

  • Creating and updating asynchronous instructional materials on business and entrepreneurship
  • Gathering and analyzing data to evaluate instruction, consultation, and resource promotion efforts.
  • Updating and tracking statistics on peer business schools.
  • Developing materials and strategies to promote business information resources that JMU subscribes to.

Can you say more about the statistics you’re collecting?

I’m currently working to analyze and track statistics on other schools’ resources. These schools are included in JMU’s comparable peers group, competitive group and aspirant group. By preparing such information, I help the business librarian to make decisions regarding database subscriptions

You have a unique role as both a student and a Libraries employee. What would you want faculty to know? 

I would like faculty to know how important their role is in promoting Libraries’ resources to both undergraduate and graduate students. Faculty have direct contact with students, so they are often the ones to introduce students to the Libraries’ research guides, databases, and services.

How does this role support your academic and/or professional goals? 

Being an international student, I had little understanding about library resources that U.S. universities provide to their students. Working for JMU Libraries has allowed me to look behind-the-scenes of the educational process. My collaboration with Libraries staff and involvement in projects helped me to develop my skills in communication, creativity, business research, and customer service.

What’s your favorite kind of food?

I am a big fan of tasty and diverse food. My favorite dishes are Ukrainian kinds of soup called borscht and golubtsi. I prefer home cooked meals to restaurants. 

Tell us about one of your hobbies!

My hobby is my morning workout outdoors. It allows me to connect with nature and recharge myself for the whole day. 

Learn More

Please join us in welcoming Kateryna to the team, and stay tuned for some new tutorials Kateryna is developing, which will roll out this year:

  • How to Find Company (SWOT) analyses in Business Source Complete: These types of company analyses are essential to help evaluate existing companies and inform those working to start their own. Anyone exploring entrepreneurship, as well as students in COB 300, can benefit from this expert guide. 
  • How to use PrivCo: Private companies are notoriously difficult to research. We subscribe to professional resources to help JMU students have the best, most authoritative information possible. PrivCo is a new database that contains this private company information. This tutorial can help introduce everyone on how to use this in the most efficient way possible.

Visit our Liaison Librarians page for more information on our librarians and the services they provide to students and faculty.

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