Publishing an Open Access Article? You Need to Know about our APC Fund Pilot

Posted on: October 24, 2022

It’s International OA Week! To celebrate, we’re promoting several online OA Week events and sharing important context on our new pilot program to help faculty and staff with the costs of publishing open access articles:

Why is there a fee to publish open access articles? Sometimes publishing open access is free, but many publishers of fully open, peer-reviewed scholarly journals charge article processing charges (APCs) to authors because there are no subscription fees to cover business costs. Some journals that are not open access have also started charging APCs to authors in order to make a single article open access, despite subscriptions covering business costs. 

Efforts towards equity. The expense of APCs can prevent authors from publishing in open access journals, and barriers to information access can be harmful to society. This new pilot program is just one of the ways JMU Libraries is working to make the scholarly communications ecosystem more open and equitable. Learn more.

Apply for funding: Visit our Open Access APC Fund Pilot page for details, including the application process and criteria. This pilot program was made possible by JMU Libraries and JMU Research & Scholarship.

Contact: Please contact Yasmeen Shorish, Director of Scholarly Communications Strategies, with any questions about this pilot program, open access, or publication fees.

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