Marking the Progress: The Future Carrier Library Emerges

Posted on: February 16, 2024

Susan Thomas signing the final steel beam to place atop Carrier Library.
Susan Thomas leaves her mark on the beam.

There comes a time in every construction project when you can begin to see the completed building. The project usually begins with drawings, site-work, and the delivery of materials. Progress can feel slow. And sometimes progress is hidden; spaces are being cleared out, utilities are run, and existing walls are reinforced.

Eventually though, the future building begins to reveal itself. For Carrier Library, that emergence began in late 2023 when the structural steel that would become the skeleton of the expansion started to go up. Thanks to the thoughtful effort and careful planning of our construction partners, Libraries and Furious Flower employees had the opportunity to sign their names on the final beam along with the construction team. On January 10, 2024, the signed beam was lifted and placed on the north-west corner of the roof. The special beam will not be visible to the public when the building is complete, but the names of those who signed will be part of the building forever.

You can follow the construction progress on our Carrier Library Renovation and Expansion pages.

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