Madison Research Essentials Toolkit

The Madison Research Essentials Toolkit (MRE Toolkit) is a suite of videos designed to prepare you for academic research. Entering first-year students will be assigned the videos and practice exercises in their SCOM12X course via Canvas.

Madison Research Essentials Test (MREST)

Students admitted Summer 2022 or later

You will not need to complete the Madison Research Essentials Test (MREST) requirement. Contact or if you have any questions.

Students admitted before or during Spring 2022

You may need to complete the Madison Research Essentials Test (MREST) requirement. Review additional details on the General Education website or contact directly if you have any questions.


Objectives for each section correlate to General Education Stated Information Literacy Outcomes.

Scholarship is a Conversation

Objective: Recognize the components of scholarly work and that scholarship can take many forms.

Searching as Strategic Exploration

Objective: Demonstrate persistence and employ multiple strategies in research and discovery.

Research as Inquiry

Objective: Identify gaps in their own knowledge and formulate appropriate questions for investigation in academic settings.

Authority is Constructed and Contextual

Objective: Evaluate the quality of information and acknowledge expertise.

Information Creation is a Process

Objective: Use information effectively in their own work and make contextually appropriate choices for sharing their scholarship.

Information Has Value

Objective: Use information legally and ethically.