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James Madison University School of Music Performance Collection is a growing set of audio and video recordings that document most performances affiliated with JMU’s School of Music from 1956 to the present.  The collection consists primarily of reel-to-reel tapes, u-matic video tapes, VHS videotapes, cassette tapes, digital audio tapes (DATs), and compact discs.  Recordings are assigned a call number according to their performance date and are stored in a climate-controlled facility within the Music Library.

Access to original recordings is limited; please speak to a supervisor.  Recent recordings may be listened to on the Music Library online repository (using your JMU eID and password). All recordings are eventually cataloged and can be found using the above search box. These must be listened to within the Music Library.

To search, use or combine any of the following

  • performance title [i.e Holiday Fest]
  • ensemble name [i.e. Jazz Band]
  • artist name(s) (individual names are not listed for large ensembles)
  • month and year of performance [i.e. April 2011]
  • significant words from the works performed (omit abbreviated words) [i.e. Donizetti furtiva]


  • Ensemble names vary. JMU Orchestra vs. Symphony Orchestra vs Symphony.
  • Performances for which a program was not supplied, only limited information is available such as performance title and date.
  • Works performed may need to be searched in English and the original language (nozze di figaro and marriage of figaro)
  • Compound words may need to be searched together and separate (Holiday Fest and Holidayfest)

To request a copy:

  • JMU School of Music students and faculty may request a copy of their own performances, only.  Your name must appear on the program as proof of participation.  No proxies, written or otherwise, will be honored.  Duplication charges are waived for current faculty and students.
  • All other duplication requests must meet the following conditions:
    • Copies are for the private educational use of the person ordering (e.g. Dissertation)
    • The work is not available commercially for sale, hire, or rent

For questions or comments about the collection or this site, please contact the Music Library at (540) 568-6041 or email at library-music@jmu.eduFor more help, contact the Music Librarian.