New Exhibit in Historic Wing of Carrier Spotlights Being the Change

Posted on: October 31, 2018

JMU Libraries is pleased to present an exhibit that highlights our University’s history of “Being the Change.”

The exhibit features the very first Normal Bulletin published by the then State Normal and Industrial School for Women. An excerpt written by our first president, Julian Burruss, emphasizes our long-standing culture of civic engagement:

“…the work of the normal school can no longer be confined to theory and books, but must seek its material in real things, in nature, in the practical activities of industry and commerce, the business civic and social interests of life. Without depreciating the limitless stores of useful knowledge bound up in printed volumes, it must also draw from the outside world …”

-Julian Burruss 1909

You may find this exhibit in the historic west wing of Carrier Library.

A glass-topped display table contains several documents related to the Being the Change exhibit.

Images, ephemera courtesy of JMU Libraries’ Special and Digital Collections

Display Case courtesy of Wren Stevens and the Madison Art Collection

Research, Design, & Installation: Ryan Winfree and Julia Merkel with Kate Morris, Kerry Scannell, Sky Wilson, and Kelly Miller-Martin

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