New exhibits in Rose Library on the evolving identity of health professions

Posted on: September 1, 2015

“Research indicates that diversity in the physician workforce impacts the quality of care received by patients.”.

Association of American Medical Colleges, 2014

Disparities in health care quality are a result of several factors, including the diversity of our patients. Rural locations, LGBT communities, and racial and ethnic minority populations receive a lower standard of care due to issues of access, financial resources, and gaps in provider understanding of their issues.  Therefore, members of underrepresented groups serving as practitioners help fight these health disparities from within the system.  To see the evolution of a few aspects of physician diversity over time, check out this figure tracking physician graduation between 1980 and 2012:

A new book display at Rose Library contains stories from a variety of practitioners, as well as books about health professions to help you enter this growing field. The display was selected by Carolyn Schubert, Health Sciences and Nursing Librarian at JMU.

Also on display in Rose Library is a National Library of Medicine Exhibit called “Opening Doors: Contemporary African American Surgeons,” which provides additional stories about pioneers in health care and their impact on improving care for the African American Community.

The book display and exhibit will be available in Rose Library through mid-October. Also in October, you can learn more about Physician Assistants (PA), their growing role in health care delivery, and our own local PA students, by visiting the display case near Rose Library’s elevators.


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