Online, Hybrid, and Distance Learning


We support students as they take hybrid and online classes with these resources, and more:

We support faculty members who are teaching (or preparing to teach) online or hybrid classes. Faculty can:

Canvas Basics

Canvas Learning Management System is the primary platform that JMU Libraries and JMU IT support for online, blended, and distance learning.

Online, Blended, and Distance Learning by NumbersAbout Online, Hybrid, and Distance Learning

Online, hybrid, and distance learning enables teaching and learning activities beyond the boundary of a physical classroom. Reconceptualizing the presence and interactivity among class members, teachers and students utilize web-based or other types of high-tech or low-tech technologies to engage in acquiring and building knowledge with regular and substantive interaction between the students and the instructor synchronously or asynchronously.

At JMU, online, hybrid, and distance learning includes programs and curricula offered through online courses, blended/hybrid courses, off-campus courses, study abroad programs, the Washington semester program, remote practicum assignments, and similar off-campus learning experiences for credit. Our goal is to provide JMU students and faculty, in on- and off-campus locations, with the same library expertise, services, and support that are available to the on-campus community.

We design, develop, coordinate, and collaborate on a wide spectrum of programs for JMU faculty and students, aligning with the following quality frameworks for online, hybrid, and distance education guidelines:

We support JMU community members in their efforts to gain quality experience in teaching and learning with online, hybrid, and distance courses and programs. On this site, you will find support, service, and resource information for learning online and teaching online, and library resources for online learning. We offer our expertise to inform the community, and evaluate our services based on the current research in relevant fields.