Building Structural Equity: Open Access Week 2021

Posted on: October 25, 2021

Open Access Week 2021 banner

This week is the global celebration of Open Access Week! The theme this year, building structural equity, aligns with the 2021 UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science

Why is open access (OA) so important?

We believe open and affordable access to reliable, peer-reviewed information is a justice issue, and we want to be part of an ethical, equitable solution. Read 5 Ways to Engage with OA or Take Action on Sustainable Scholarship to learn more.

But it matters how we open knowledge

OA allows more people to read high-quality published research, but can also reinforce existing structural inequities in the scholarly landscape. We need to examine who these spaces and systems are designed for, who is missing, who is excluded by the business models we use, and what structures are prioritized. As we work together to rebuild these structures, scholarly societies, libraries, and publishers need to move from conversations to concrete commitments. Together, we can hold one another accountable for making real progress.

Equity and inclusion must be consistently integrated into the fabric of the open science and scholarship community, from how our publishing infrastructure is built to how we organize community discussions to the structures we use for governance and quality control. As a global community, we should understand that the systems of the present are often built upon historic inequities of the past. It is critical that we address these inequities so that we can move forward. Read more about the continuing need to prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion in open access.

Attend an Open Access Week event

Learn more about building structural equity in OA in one of the virtual events we’ve selected to share with you. 

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