ILL Purchase on Demand Policy

Created October 2009; Revised June 2012; Revised March 2017

Many libraries will not lend recent imprints. Previously in such cases, JMU Libraries’  Interlibrary Loan would notify the patron that the book was unavailable due to recent publication and the request would be canceled. The patron would then either have to wait until lending restrictions are removed, until the requestor notifies JMU librarians to place the order, or until the book arrives on approval. In an attempt to be proactive with user requests, JMU Libraries has adopted an ILL Purchase-on-Demand policy.  This policy meets the dual goal of filling a user’s immediate need for a recently published book and of adding a potentially high-use title to the collection.

When patrons request items through ILL which are recent publications, those items will be rush ordered by the Libraries’ Resource Access unit within Scholarly Resources & Discovery. Items must be in scope of JMU Libraries’ Collections Policies and meet the following additional criteria:

Years Allowed

  • Current calendar year and three previous calendar years (ex. In 2017, 2014-2017 books will be purchased)


  • Price limit: $100 for most books; $150 for science, health science, nursing, or art books
  • Paperback is the preferred format
  • Interlibrary loan staff may also use their discretion to acquire other items through purchase on demand when the cost for purchase is lower than the cost to loan an item.


  • Textbooks
  • Dissertations
  • Test Preparation Materials
  • Audio CDs (music, books on tape)
  • DVDs
  • Workbooks
  • Reprints
  • Juvenile Books
  • Obvious popular titles (such as Diet Books, Cookbooks, Self-Help, Get-Rich-Quick books)
  • Travel Books

Source(s) of Authority: Director, Scholarly Resources & Discovery