Historic Manuscript Collection, ca. 1250-1901

The Historic Manuscript Collection consists of items that illustrate the history of book production. The collection contains ten manuscript leaves created during the medieval and Renaissance periods (1250-1550), in Latin, commissioned by the Catholic Church. There are also six printed leaves from books in Latin, English, and Hebrew from various authors and time periods spanning 1475 to 1901.

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Manuscript TitleImageBox:Folder
Breviary, single leaf (France: ca. 1400)MS-011:1
Psalter, single leaf (France: ca. 1472)MS-021:2
Psalter, single leaf (France: ca. 1472)MS-031:3
Book of Hours, single leaf (France: ca. 1470)MS-041:4
Book of Hours, single leaf (France: ca. 1460)MS-051:5
Bible, single leaf (France: ca. 1250)MS-061:6
Psalter, single leaf (Italy: ca. 1350)MS-071:7
Biblia Hebraica, single leaf (Belgium: 1584)MS-081:8
Bible. Matthew’s Version, single leaf (England: 1549)MS-091:9
Grettis Saga, single leaf (England: 1901)MS-101:10
Acts and Monuments, single leaf (England: 1576)MS-111:11
Missal, single bifolium (France: ca. 1450)MS-121:12
Breviary, single bifolium (Netherlands: ca. 1400)MS-131:13
Missal, four leaves (Antwerp: 1570)MS-141:14
Book of hours, single leaf (France: ca. 1530)MS-151:15
Catena aurea super quattuor evangelistas, two single leaves (Basel: 1476)MS-162:1
A catholike and ecclesiasticall exposition of the Holy Gospell after S. John, single leaf (London: 1575)MS-171:16
Sententiarum libri IV, single leaf (Nuremberg: 1481-1492)MS-181:17
Antiphonary, single leaf (Spain: ca. 1550)MS-192:2
Antiphonary, single leaf (Germany: ca. 1350)MS-202:3
Decretum, single leaf (Italy: 1475)MS-212:4
Psalter, single bifolium (1400s)MS-222:5
Actes and Monuments, single leaf (England: 1631)MS-232:6