Benjamin Stoll

Stacks Coordinator


Building: Carrier Library
Office: 120-A
MSC: 1704

Department: Access & Delivery

Pronouns: He / Him / His

About me

Hello! I serve with the Access and Delivery team, with my role focusing primarily on the physical maintenance of the stacks in both Carrier and Rose Libraries. Additionally, I am the point of contact with regards to getting physical items where they need to be–whether it be missing books, items requiring repair, or items marked for Acquisitions. I assist my department with delivery runs and oversee stacks shifting projects and certain Alma projects as needed. When in doubt, come to me with any issues regarding a physical shelf or a physical book, and I will do my best to help guide you.

About Access & Delivery

We help JMU patrons and other Libraries’ departments by delivering library materials to on-campus locations and maintaining the condition of the Libraries’ physical collections through shelving, tidying up, and relocating collections. We also help with the systems and software that support borrowing library materials and managing patrons’ library accounts.