Kelly Miller-Martin

Director of Facilities Operations


Building: Moody Hall
Office: 219B
MSC: 1703

Departments: Facilities Operations, Finance, HR, and Facilities, Libraries Administration

Pronouns: She / Her / Hers

About me

I graduated from JMU in 2006 and have served in a number of roles since joining the Libraries in 2007. Currently, I lead the Facilities Operations team in the management and coordination of building operations and Libraries facility planning. Our team works closely with so many people, from Libraries colleagues and building partners to various campus departments, and the relationships we develop along the way are one of the most rewarding parts of our work.


About Facilities Operations

We are responsible for routine building operations and space usage in the Libraries’ facilities. We collaborate with colleagues and stakeholders to keep library spaces functioning as an essential part of the Libraries’ service offerings to the community. This work includes setting operating hours, coordinating access and space use requests, writing public use policies, and managing library maintenance and space planning projects.

About Finance, HR, and Facilities

We are responsible for the general finance, human resources, and facilities operations within the Libraries.  

About Libraries Administration

We support and challenge JMU Libraries’ staff and faculty to live up to our guiding statements — as we work together to provide excellent library and educational technology resources, spaces, services, and expertise to our campus community. Libraries’ Administration includes Communications and Outreach, Data Analytics, Facilities Operations, Finance and Human Resources, and the office of the Dean.