The 19th Amendment: A History of Women’s Rights on Campus

Posted on: May 14, 2018

JMU Libraries is pleased to present an exhibit in celebration of the upcoming 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment’s ratification:

 The exhibit, featuring artifacts, images and ephemera, is the sixth Dressing for Education exhibit collaboration between Special Collections and the School of Theatre & Dance’s Historic Clothing Collection. Come experience campus fashion and civic engagement from the past century!

 The 19th Amendment: A History of Women’s Rights on Campus is free and open to the public during all library hours in the historic west wing of Carrier Library now through Spring 2020.

Historic Clothing courtesy of JMU School of Theatre & Dance

Documents, images, and ephemera courtesy of JMU Libraries’ Special and Digital Collections

Research, Design, & Installation: Pamela Schuelke Johnson ‘90M and Julia Merkel ‘92M with Madison Whitesell ’17, Ashley Roth ’17, Fiona Wirth ‘18, Matthew Perkins ’18, and Renessa Rabenda ’21 

19th Amendment Exhibit

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