Top Tips for Parking Near JMU Libraries

Posted on: January 26, 2024

Photo of cars parked in front of JMU Libraries Express, a small brick building

If you need to park near JMU Libraries to pick up books, attend an event or workshop, access our technology, or meet with our staff, you might be wondering about the best place to park, especially if you don’t have a parking permit!

  1. JMU Libraries Express has free 15-minute parking! If you don’t have a parking permit, JMU Libraries Express is the pickup/dropoff location for you, with four 15-minute spots that don’t require a permit!
  2. ETMC in Memorial Hall always has plenty of parking! If you don’t like looking for parking, choose the Educational Technology and Media Center (ETMC) as your preferred pickup location when you reserve library materials online.
  3. Non-JMU visitors can park in any faculty/staff or student lot, but they need to pick up a free day permit from Parking & Transit Services first.
  4. JMU employees and students without parking permits can purchase a day pass for $5 online to park in any faculty/staff or student lot!

Check out our Parking Near JMU Libraries page for parking maps and more info. 

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