Need Something We Don’t Have? Try Interlibrary Loan

Posted on: February 12, 2024

JMU’s Interlibrary Loan team

You may be familiar with Interlibrary Loan (ILL) – when you need a book, article, or another resource that’s unavailable or not part of JMU’s collection, you submit an ILL request, and we use a global network of libraries to get the resource into your hands, free of charge!

Did you know we deliver ILL to your departmental mailbox? In your ILL account, insert your department MSC as your local address, choose “Dept. MSC delivery” for your Delivery Location, and your ILL materials will be delivered to you.

We also scan book chapters and articles! This service is available even for items in our own physical collections! Submit your request through ILL, and you’ll receive an email when your digital files are ready to download.

Questions? Contact our Interlibrary Loan team (pictured above) at

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