VIVA Wiley Open Access Publication Deal

Open Access Publication Fees Covered

Wiley OAP

Did you know that if you choose to publish open access with Wiley after January 1st, 2020, VIVA (Virginia’s academic library consortium) can cover your fully Gold open access article publication charges?

Publishing your article open access will give you:

  • High visibility – articles are made freely available
  • Easy compliance – meeting open access requirements automatically
  • Copyright retention – under a Creative Commons license
  • Automatic deposit – to PubMed Central for appropriate articles

Wiley has a portfolio of over 100 peer reviewed, fully open access journals it its Open Access journal portfolio. All will ensure that your research is immediately and freely available online to read, download, and share.

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Please visit the VIVA website for more information on this program. Please look for more information as we get closer to January 2020 and send any questions you have to