Wireless Mic Classroom List

Below you will find the type of microphones installed in each room.
Note: Room capacities over 75 are highlighted in gold.

Classroom Equipment Capacity
Burruss Hall 349 EPICx Sennheiser25
Roop Hall 0202 EPICx Sennheiser24
Burruss Hall 130 Hybrid Sennheiser40
Showker Hall 2120 Sennheiser36
Showker Hall 2121 Sennheiser36
Showker Hall 0206 Sennheiser34
Showker Hall 0212 Sennheiser131
Showker Hall 0207 Sennheiser34
Showker Hall 0215 Sennheiser66
Showker Hall 0217 Sennheiser53
Showker Hall 0205 Sennheiser32
Showker Hall 0204 Sennheiser34
Showker Hall 2109 Sennheiser38
Memorial Hall 5110 Shure60
Showker Hall 2105 Sennheiser40
Showker Hall 2104 Sennheiser34
Showker Hall 2103 Sennheiser40
Showker Hall 1105 Sennheiser34
Showker Hall 1114 Sennheiser53
Showker Hall 1113 Sennheiser67
Showker Hall 1112 Sennheiser145
Showker Hall 1109 Sennheiser34
Showker Hall 1104 Sennheiser34
Showker Hall 1103 Sennheiser34
Showker Hall 1121 Sennheiser24
Darcus Johnson Hall G007 Hybrid Sennheiser16
Darcus Johnson Hall G008 Sennheiser47
Darcus Johnson Hall G009 Hybrid Sennheiser33
Darcus Johnson Hall G004 Hybrid Sennheiser28
Darcus Johnson Hall 1009 Computer Lab Sennheiser21
Darcus Johnson Hall 1006 Hybrid Sennheiser26
Darcus Johnson Hall 1010 Hybrid Sennheiser63
EnGeo 2301 Sennheiser322
EnGeo 1302 Sennheiser160
EnGeo 1301 Sennheiser126
Memorial Hall 6110 Shure111
EnGeo 3003 Sennheiser80
EnGeo 2204 Sennheiser25
Memorial Hall 6125 Shure49
Memorial Hall 3315 Shure18
Memorial Hall 3255 Shure30
Memorial Hall 3250 Shure25
Memorial Hall 3235 Shure30
Memorial Hall 3230 Shure20
Memorial Hall 3115 Shure60
Miller Hall G029 Sennheiser22
Miller Hall G004 Hybrid Sennheiser24
Miller Hall G002 Sennheiser24
Miller Hall 2180 Sennheiser24
Miller Hall 2170 Sennheiser34
Miller Hall 2160 Hybrid Sennheiser40
Miller Hall 2140 EPICx Sennheiser30
Miller Hall 2109 Sennheiser30
Miller Hall 2106 Sennheiser34
Physics/Chemistry 2212 Shure48
Memorial Hall 3110 Shure30
Hartman Hall 3043 Sennheiser24
Hartman Hall 2043 Lab Sennheiser36
Hartman Hall 2030 Sennheiser56
Hartman Hall 2029 Sennheiser56
Hartman Hall 2025 Sennheiser45
Hartman Hall 2012 Sennheiser36
Hartman Hall 2011 Sennheiser35
Hartman Hall 2009 Lab Sennheiser24
Hartman Hall 2008 Sennheiser100
Hartman Hall 2000 Sennheiser45
Hartman Hall 1059 Sennheiser40
Hartman Hall 1039 Sennheiser40
Hartman Hall 1035 Sennheiser45
Hartman Hall 1000 Sennheiser45
Burruss Hall 0144 Sennheiser82
Bioscience Building 2007 Sennheiser72
Bioscience Building 1007 Sennheiser120
Lakeview Hall 1104 Shure37
Miller Hall 1101 Sennheiser181
Roop Hall 0212 Sennheiser35
Roop Hall 0129 Sennheiser36
Music Building 0142 Sennheiser110
Music Building 0108 Sennheiser80
King Hall 0259 Sennheiser65
King Hall 0248 Sennheiser30
King Hall 0236 Sennheiser40
King Hall 0159 Sennheiser170
King Hall 0136 Sennheiser90
Hotel Madison 0260 Sennheiser64
Hotel Madison 0255 Sennheiser78
Harrison Hall 2246 Sennheiser21
Harrison Hall 2245 Sennheiser21
Harrison Hall 2105 Sennheiser159
Harrison Hall 1261 Sennheiser166
Harrison Hall 1241 EPICx Sennheiser36
Godwin Hall 0384 Sennheiser41
Godwin Hall 0383 Hybrid Sennheiser40
Godwin Hall 0382 Sennheiser41
Godwin Hall 0354 Hybrid Sennheiser79
Godwin Hall 0353A Sennheiser18
Godwin Hall 0344 Sennheiser89
Godwin Hall 0341 Sennheiser44
Godwin Hall 0338 Sennheiser89
Godwin Hall 0217 Sennheiser25
Duke Hall 1032 Sennheiser61
Duke Hall 2036 Sennheiser55
Anthony Seeger 0025 Sennheiser224
Burruss Hall 0238 Sennheiser71
Burruss Hall 0236 Sennheiser69
Burruss Hall 0229 EPICx Sennheiser96
Burruss Hall 0130 Hybrid Sennheiser40
Burruss Hall 0044 Sennheiser113
Burruss Hall 0031 Sennheiser113
Health and Behavioral Studies (HBS) G050 Sennheiser61
Health and Behavioral Studies (HBS) G045 Sennheiser61
Health and Behavioral Studies (HBS) G040 Sennheiser165
Health and Behavioral Studies (HBS) G012 Dining Sennheiser20
Health and Behavioral Studies (HBS) G010 Sennheiser165
Health and Behavioral Studies (HBS) 4043 Sennheiser25
Health and Behavioral Studies (HBS) 4041 Sennheiser65
Health and Behavioral Studies (HBS) 4005 PA Lab Sennheiser0
Health and Behavioral Studies (HBS) 3041 Sennheiser65
Health and Behavioral Studies (HBS) 3032 Sennheiser48
Health and Behavioral Studies (HBS) 2099 Sennheiser60
Health and Behavioral Studies (HBS) 2095 Sennheiser48
Health and Behavioral Studies (HBS) 2063 OT Classroom Sennheiser30
Health and Behavioral Studies (HBS) 2037 OT Lab Sennheiser0
Health and Behavioral Studies (HBS) 1090 Sennheiser48
Health and Behavioral Studies (HBS) 1051 Sennheiser65
Health and Behavioral Studies (HBS) 1003 Sennheiser60
Health and Behavioral Studies (HBS) 1001 Sennheiser48
Moody Hall 0202 Sennheiser40
Moody Hall 0201 Sennheiser40
Moody Hall 0109 Sennheiser41
Moody Hall 0101 Sennheiser40
Moody Hall 00BA Sennheiser88
Gabbin Hall 0201 Sennheiser40
Gabbin Hall 0101 Sennheiser42
Forbes Roberts Center 1115 Sennheiser55