3D Printing Classroom (3SPACE) Now Open in Lakeview

Posted on: December 7, 2023

Lakeview Hall, a building with glass walls overlooking the fountain in Newman Lake

3SPACE has moved from Carrier Library to Lakeview Hall room 1102, and it is now available to faculty to request for their courses.

photo of classroom full of computers and 3D printers

What is it? 3SPACE is the first general-education college 3D printing classroom in the U.S. It offers 3D printing access and training to people of all experience levels, primarily via JMU’s General Education courses.

Some of the General Education courses that have been taught in 3SPACE include:

  • LTLE: 3D Printing Real World Solutions
  • SMAD: Storytelling through 3D prototyping
  • OT: Assistive Technology
  • UNST: 3D Printing in Medicine
  • LED: Writing Instruction Pk-6

If you would like to request to teach your course in 3SPACE please contact Jamie Calcagno-Roach at calcagjm@jmu.edu

In addition, faculty can request the use of 3SPACE for a project in their class.  Requests can be made by choosing “Technology Instruction for Students” on this form

Why did 3SPACE move? Carrier Library is currently closed for renovation and expansion. When it reopens in Fall 2026, 3SPACE will be an “experimental technology classroom” on the 2nd floor, offering 3D printing and other technologies.

Is this the same as The Makery or X-Labs? While X-Labs is also located in Lakeview, it is not the same as 3SPACE and not part of the Libraries. The Makery is a makerspace located in Rose Library that offers many other technologies and workshops in addition to 3D printing. 3SPACE is a 3D printing classroom that offers 3D printing access and training for all experience levels. 

Questions? Even in our new, temporary location, 3SPACE is still here to support you! Please complete this form and choose “Technology Instruction for Students” as the area of expertise to connect with us.

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