5 Programs for Students this Spring

Posted on: January 7, 2020

Students have access to five great programs this spring through JMU Libraries.

Faculty, whether you choose to incorporate these resources into your syllabus, offer extra credit to students who participate, or simply encourage students to take advantage of these programs, you play a critical role in connecting students to everything we offer in JMU Libraries.

Citizen21: teaching 21st-century skills
The Libraries’ Citizen21 program teaches students 21st-century skills such as collaboration, peer review, mindfulness, fair use, and copyright. These skills are imperative for students to be successful. If faculty are interested in assigning any of these online, asynchronous courses to your students, complete the Citizen21 request form.

Liaison librarians: teaching information literacy
Liaison librarians can help faculty teach students to formulate a research topic, develop a search strategy, use information ethically, and more. Contact your liaison librarian to learn more about the information literacy instruction and one-on-one assistance they can provide.

MadLab workshops: teaching digital media skills
These free workshops taught by JMU students are designed to offer students opportunities to master media literacy and fluency. Students will improve their skills in photography, videography, audio production, graphic production, and more. Faculty, if you want your students to become engaged digital citizens and meaningful content creators, consider recommending MadLab workshops.

Makery workshops
Students, staff, and faculty can sign up for fun, free, hands-on workshops in the The Makery to learn skills such as machine embroidery, laser cutting, Arduino, and more. Faculty, would you like to schedule a custom version of a Makery workshop for your class? Contact us at libraries@jmu.edu at least two weeks in advance of your preferred workshop date.

Special Collections visits and instruction
Faculty can request instruction or visits that engage students in finding and using primary and archival sources through Special Collections. Contact libraries@jmu.edu at least two weeks in advance of your preferred class visit date so we can work with you to create an instruction experience that meets your learning objectives.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at libraries@jmu.edu or by completing our consultation form if you would like more information on the myriad consultation and instruction resources we offer to faculty and students. 

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